Community Relations > Engagement and Transparency

Energía del Pacífico is committed to establishing long-lasting, constructive relationships with stakeholders and community members based on the principles of transparency and integrity.

Through a variety of channels (newsletters, information materials, town halls, seminars, local initiatives, communication hotline EDP Te Escucha and this website), EDP invites a broad and inclusive community dialogue and a spirit of collaboration throughout the lifetime of the project.

To date, EDP has conducted proactive outreach to various stakeholders including Alcaldías (Town Hall mayors) and informative sessions with local communities, fishing cooperatives, schools, and delegates from the Ministry of Labor. We will continue to communicate with stakeholders via a variety of channels (online, town halls, meetings) throughout the lifetime of the project.

Job Creation

EDP is dedicated to employing a local workforce to construct and operate the project, driving economic growth and spurring new opportunities for Salvadorans. The project has employed over 2,000 workers at peak construction and will create 80 full-time permanent jobs for ongoing operations. During construction, EDP has organized several job fairs in collaboration with municipalities and communities.

EDP Listens to You

As a means for open communication with the community, EDP invites you to contact us with any comments, questions, or concerns.


Energía del Pacífico (EDP) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) have partnered to create Pa’Servirle, a web application that aims to support local companies and alleviate customers negatively affected by disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic in EDP’s area of operations – the Municipality of Acajutla. The initiative is meant to simplify the process for local businesses and potential buyers to connect for the selling and purchasing of goods and services.