Energía del Pacífico is committed to environmental responsibility in its operations as well as through partnerships with local environmental stakeholders.

With the introduction of new, cleaner energy generation, EDP will bring significant environmental benefits for the country and region, reducing carbon emissions by 600,000 tons/year and virtually eliminating emissions of the nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and particulate pollutants associated with burning heavy fuel oils.

Through a compensation agreement with the Fondo de Inversión Ambiental de El Salvador (FIAES), EDP invests in the conservation of two important ecosystems in El Salvador: Los Cóbanos Conservation Area (Área de Conservación Los Cóbanos) and The Apaneca-Ilamatepec Biosphere Reserve (Reserva de Biosfera Apaneca-Ilamatepec). EDP’s investment supports the following projects which will directly contribute to the environmental, social and cultural well-being of 2,650 Salvadorans.

  • Establishment of 2 turtle incubation nurseries
  • Preparation and implementation of protocol for the restoration of mangroves and reefs through on-site nurseries
  • Execution of three action plans to decontaminate the Chutia and Sensunapán rivers and Lake Coatepeque
  • Creation of artifical reefs
  • Establishment of 125 hectares of agroforestry systems
  • Conservation of Los Cóbanos ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Development of a green economic alternative for the local fishing sector through the conservation and sighting of whales and dolphins
  • Community education campaign on habitat protection of the black-eyed frog