Energía del Pacífico contributes to the sustainable economic development of
El Salvador.

Cleaner, more reliable electricity for El Salvador

By introducing a new, cleaner source of thermal generation and critical energy infrastructure to El Salvador, EDP provides flexible, reliable baseload electricity to Salvadorans. The new plant will reduce the country’s reliance on small, inefficient, and less reliable power plants fueled by diesel and imported heavy fuel oil.

Sustainably meeting 30% of El Salvador’s energy demand

With EDP’s ultra-high efficiency, ultra-low carbon design, reliable power will be generated by the power plant’s 19 internal combustion engines running on natural gas, along with a steam turbine generator that converts waste heat from the engines into additional electric power generation.

Diversification of the current energy matrix

Through natural gas-fired generation, EDP contributes to the diversification of the country’s energy mix which has traditionally consisted of less reliable imported diesel and heavy fuel oil.

Reduced environmental impact

EDP significantly improves El Salvador’s air quality and environment by displacing dozens of smaller power plants that run on diesel or highly polluting heavy fuel oil, in turn reducing the country’s carbon emissions by 600,000 tons per year.

Catalyst for new jobs and economic growth

EDP is dedicated to employing local workforce to construct and operate the project, spurring new opportunities for Salvadorans. The project has employed over 2,000 workers at peak construction and will create approximately 80 permanent operations jobs. In addition to providing direct employment, EDP is stimulating economic development and jobs up and down the supply chain and across the broader community.